Friday, February 20, 2015

Why You Should Pre-Order The Tapestry!

I've finally gotten to the bottom of why pre-orders matter.

1.) If the publisher sees a healthy number of pre-orders in the months leading up to publication date, they will take it into account on setting the size of the print order.

2.) Authors who have readers who pre-order their books are more likely to get future contracts from that same publisher. :)

3.) The pre-sales numbers are lumped with the first week's sales in deciding if a book can make it to any bestseller list. This is the most important time in a book's life: the first week. You know how some people think a book grows over months and years to become a hit. That rarely happens!

4.) And pre-ordering a book means a reader has one less thing to remember. Don't have to worry if you've bought the book--it's taken care of.

Here are all the pre-order  and order links, gathered on my site, from amazon to Indie bookstores:


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