Monday, March 23, 2015

Alison Weir, Deborah Harkness, Simon Toyne, Aly Monroe, Samantha Norman and More Endorse THE TAPESTRY

I'm honored to share with you the authors who've read advance review copies of THE TAPESTRY and offered these quotes of endorsement:

“Nancy Bilyeau's passion for history infuses her books and transports us back to the dangerous world of Tudor England. Vivid characters and gripping plots are at the heart of this wonderful trilogy, and this third book will not fail to thrill readers. Warmly recommended!” – Alison Weir, author of The Marriage Game

“In Joanna Stafford, Bilyeau has given us a memorable character who is prepared to risk her life to save what she most values.” --Deborah Harkness, author of A Discovery of Witches

"The Tapestry moves like a modern thriller whilst at the same time managing to conjure up a Tudor England that feels very real and authentic in all its intrigue, mystery and menace." – Simon Toyne, author of the Sancti Trilogy

“Nancy Bilyeau’s The Tapestry is a delight, both informative and entertaining. Joanna Stafford, its central character, is a wonderful invention and her eyes on the court of King Henry VIII give it a completely fresh perspective.” -- Samantha Norman, The Siege Winter

"Nancy Bilyeau’s The Tapestry continues her excellent incursion into the turbulent and high-stakes world of the Tudor Reformation in England. It was a time when principle and faith had to do battle with arbitrary power and personal fear to keep surviving. The narrative voice draws us into the story from the first page and drives us forward to the end. What is most striking about the book is how it cleverly intertwines the history and political intrigue in the court of Henry VIII with an account of an intensely personal drama and romance. A vivid story, well and clearly told, which will be enjoyable for a wide variety of readers." -- Aly Monroe, author of Ice Light and Black Bear

 "A rip-roaring Tudor adventure from Nancy Bilyeau! Novice nun turned tapestry weaver Joanna Stafford returns to the court of Henry VIII. She's that great rarity of historical fiction: a fiercely independent woman who is still firmly of her time. A mystery as richly woven as any of Joanna's tapestries." -- Kate Quinn, author of Lady of the Eternal City

“Bilyeau’s writing is effortless, vivid, gripping, and poignant, bringing Tudor England to life with sparkling zest. If you want to see the reformation from the side of the English people rather than the self-serving court, it is tough to do better.” – Dominic Selwood, author of The Sword of Moses

"The Tapestry takes its history seriously, but that doesn't stop it from being a supremely deft, clever and pacy entertainment. This is Nancy Bilyeau's most thrilling - and enlightening - novel in the Joanna Stafford series yet." —Andrew Pyper, International Thriller Writers Award winner of The Demonologist and The Damned

"A master of atmosphere, Nancy Bilyeau imbues her novel with the sense of dread and oppression lurking behind the royal glamour; in her descriptions and characterizations...Bilyeau breathes life into history."—Laura Andersen, author of The Boleyn King

"In The Tapestry, Nancy Bilyeau brilliantly captures both the white-hot religious passions and the brutal politics of Tudor England. It is a rare book that does both so well." –Sam Thomas, author of The Midwife’s Tale

“In spite of murderous plots, volatile kings, and a divided heart, Joanna Stafford manages to stay true to her noble character. Fans of Ken Follett will devour Nancy Bilyeau’s novel of political treachery and courageous love, set amid the endlessly fascinating Tudor landscape.” -- Erika Robuck, author of Hemingway’s Girl

“These aren't your mother's nuns! Nancy Bilyeau has done it again, giving us a compelling and wonderfully realized portrait of Tudor life in all its complexity and wonder. A nun, a tapestry, a page-turning tale of suspense: this is historical mystery at its finest.” -- Bruce Holsinger, author of A Burnable Book and The Invention of Fire


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