Thursday, March 19, 2015

Supremacy and Survival: Book Review by Stephanie Mann

I'm excited to see that Stephanie Mann, author of the excellent book Supremacy and Survival, reviewed THE TAPESTRY, the third in my trilogy.

Stephanie is among those wistful that I'm not continuing the life and adventures of Joanna Stafford after the year 1541. She writes:

"I can't help thinking that Joanna's story should have another reason to go to Court so we can see her view of the end of Henry VIII's reign. She should be the witness of the last days of Henry VIII: the Prebendaries Plot, Katherine Parr bringing the three Tudor children together, the final Howard family fall, etc. Joanna Stafford is not just a fascinating character and actor in Bilyeau's fictional conspiracies, but she is a lens through which to view the Tudor Court and England after Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church, dissolved the monasteries and the friaries, and changed his subjects' religious lives."

To read Stephanie's entire review, go here.


  1. "Supremacy and Survival" would make a worthwhile addition to any high school or university course of study, in that it offers a solid background of the period, as well as providing an extensive bibliography for further reading. On a spiritual level, the book inspires courage when recounting the sufferings of those who are our brothers and sisters in the Faith, those who valued truth and fidelity over life itself.

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    1. Thank you very much for such a great endorsement, Marlene!

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