Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"The Paranoid State of Tudor England"

By Nancy Bilyeau

There is an incredible sentence in the respected UK book site Crimereview: "No-one reflects the paranoid state of Tudor England better than Nancy Bilyeau."

What an honor!

UK Orion Books' cover of The Chalice
The review, published last week, begins this way: 

"Joanna Stafford, niece of the disgraced and beheaded Duke of Buckingham, herself of royal Plantagenet blood and maid of honour to Queen Katherine of Aragon, became my favourite heroine when she made her debut last year in Crown.
"Now the beautiful half-Spanish former novice nun is once again caught in the bitter web of internal and international politics that is the England of Henry VIII, where a careless word can send earl or bishop, lord or commoner to torture, the execution block or the stake. Thomas Cromwell, acting on behalf of a king increasingly desperate to sire a son, completes his ruthless destruction of the monasteries, earning the hate of both the Pope and the Catholic sovereigns of Europe who would use their religion to mask territorial ambitions." 

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