Thursday, February 3, 2022

Enter the Goodreads Giveaway

Good news!

My publisher is giving away 10 copies of 'The Fugitive Colours.' The book will be published in May, but you can read it much sooner :)

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Here's an early review from a reader:

rated it it was amazing
"The Fugitive Colours is a sequel to Blue, a fascinating glimpse into the world of colour and porcelain painting in France before the revolution. I would highly recommend reading the first book as the background is important to fully understand the events taking place in the second book.

We are transported to 1764 England, where Genevieve Sturbridge is mistress of her own silk design workshop. A talented painter in her own right, she employs two other painters who help her produce designs that are more beautiful and original that any other designer at the time.

London is dirty, the air is foul and walking the streets is dangerous. Earning enough to support her household is becoming increasingly difficult. She has still not fully recovered from her traumatic experiences in France and she becomes alarmed when a serious of encounters with characters from her past begin to threaten the peace she has worked so hard for. Her experience as a former spy are crucial to her investigation of events unfolding around her as she feels her control slipping away, both with her work and her household.

Beautifully descriptive with believable characters, this is another one of those absorbing stories that will keep you up late at night."