Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It's March 5th and my second novel, The Chalice, is now on sale in North America. It's an emotional time in my life, a culmination of my work to create this world for Joanna Stafford the rest of my characters.

I am proud to present this review from the book blogger Luxury Reading!

A highlight: 

"I have looked forward to Nancy Bilyeau’s The Chalice since I reviewed her debut novel, The Crown, a year ago. It has been well worth the wait; once again, Bilyeau’s words flow off of the page and into the imagination, drawing the reader in to the latest exploits of Joanna and company….
…With the concept of the titular chalice, Bilyeau puts another brilliant mystical spin on Tudor history and myth, this time addressing the most curious of Henry VIII’s marriages. Joanna, if she chooses of her own free will, has the opportunity to change the entire Tudor dynasty – and the future of the country and people she loves. With gripping prose and a touch of the fantastic, The Chalice is yet another masterpiece of historical fiction."

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