Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter From a Friar

I'm always thrilled to hear from someone in monastic orders now who has read one of my Tudor thrillers. Once in a while I receive an email from a reader who thinks the way I depict a nun's life is "wrong." But I don't hear that from a sister who has taken vows, or from a friar.

Friar Thom, a Franciscan, enjoyed reading about how the nuns and friars interacted in The Crown. I just heard from him about The Chalice and wanted so share it (he said it would be OK).

Greetings Nancy,

I finished The Chalice today and I have to say it was GREAT, SPECTACULAR, EXCITING !!! I bought the book last year when it was hot off the press. But I was asked to take a new assignment in Joliet, Illinois (outside Chicago) and didn't get around to breaking open my adventure.  I spent a great deal of time ending (and grieving) the old and welcoming the new.


As in The Crown I found myself totally lost in the book/adventure/journey. In fact on at least two occasions friars who passed by my room late in the evening, asked "who in the world were you talking to in your room so late - we didn't have guests did we?"  I had to confess Nancy, I was talking to the characters in the book. I do admit one evening even to yelling at Jacquard !!! You instill such life into everyone in the epic adventure.


I won't take up your time Nancy. I have read so many reviews from readers on line, who like myself  loved and praised your writings. Congratulations!!


Now we all can't wait for -The Covenant.


May our good God send many blessings upon you and your family Nancy, and in thanksgiving for his spirit which helps you to make history come alive for all of us...



(Friar) Thom Smith, OFM

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