Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Book Review on Catholicmom.com

I'm very pleased that Sister Margaret Kerry, who I "met" on twitter, reviewed my novels on Catholicmom.com. What higher honor could there be--that a real-life nun reviews books revolving around a fictional nun?

Here's what she says:

"After I read The Crown (which won the Best Historical Mystery Award in 2013) I watched the PBS television series Wolf Hall. I’m glad I did. With the first of Nancy Bilyeau’s acclaimed books as a Catholic guide, along with Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons, I was able to sort out the myopic elements in Wolf Hall. Catholicism in Wolf Hall is seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell. He is infamous for beginning the destruction of monasteries and religious communities in England. Henry VIII got needed loot for England’s coffers; Cromwell was able to forward his agenda for a more Protestant England. The Crown, first in a series by Bilyeau, is an inside view of this time of historic upheaval though the eyes of a Dominican novice. She wears a medal of Thomas รก Becket and knows of Thomas More’s allegiance to the Church, “I die the good King’s servant, but God’s first.” This quote, one of my favorites, was left out ofWolf Hall..."

Sister Margaret has been a Daughter of St. Paul for 40 years. She proclaims the gospel in all sorts of ways, writing books and conducting workshops on media literacy. She's great on Twitter!

To read her full review, go to http://catholicmom.com/2015/05/29/historical-mystery-series-remedies-wolf-halls-revisionist-history/


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