Monday, November 4, 2019

DREAMLAND Is Ready for Pre-Order

My fifth novel of suspense, set in Coney Island of 1911, can be ordered today!

The publication date is January 16, 2020, but you can order the book now. Pre-order numbers are very important to publishers and bookstores in gauging the appeal of a novel :)

I'm honored to receive these advance reviews from bestselling authors:

'I could practically taste the salt-water taffy and smell the ocean air as I read Bilyeau’s latest, set in 1911 Coney Island. Beautifully written and impeccably researched, Dreamland is a rollicking ride.' - Fiona Davis, bestselling author of The Chelsea Girls

'Dreamland is a vibrant maze of desires, scandal, and mystery that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. A marvelous book!' - Ellen Marie Wiseman, bestselling author of What she Left Behind and The Life She was Given

'Bilyeau’s thrilling novel plunges deep into Dreamland’s maze of pleasure and menace' - Marlowe Benn, bestselling author of Relative Fortunes


I also just received a trade review for Dreamland, appearing in Publishers Weekly. It's my very first starred review:

Peggy Batternberg, the 20-year-old narrator of this outstanding thriller set in 1911 from Bilyeau (The Blue), chafes against the societal restrictions on women of her class, who are expected to have no ambition but to marry well. She has managed to carve out some distance from her elitist family by working in a Manhattan bookshop, until her younger sister, Lydia, begs her to spend the summer with the entire clan at the Oriental Hotel, a once-grand oceanfront resort on Coney Island, to please Lydia’s wealthy fiancĂ©. Peggy resists, until she learns that Lydia’s marriage would save the Batternberg family from financial ruin. Peggy goes along, only to find herself in pursuit of a serial killer and in love with the police department’s prime suspect. Bilyeau populates her story with achingly believable, realistically flawed characters. Peggy is naive and far from perfect, but her heart is in the right place, and one can’t help feeling for her predicament. This fascinating portrait of the end of the Gilded Age deserves a wide audience.

Dreamland is available for pre-order as an ebook or paperback with Amazon, and as a paperback with Barnes & Noble and IndieBound. Prices are nice and low :)

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