Wednesday, March 18, 2020

'The Ghost of Madison Avenue': Free for 2 Days

One of the most challenging aspects of the coronavirus crisis is our feeling of helplessness. I live in New York City, one of the hardest-hit regions. We are staying in our apartment except to buy food and other necessary supplies. My son has had to shift to online learning at his college and my daughter has lost her part-time job as a public library aide working with children. It's a super anxious time.

So... what can I do? One thing is to make a book free. Everyone's reading more right now, but we might not have bottomless-pit wallets. The only one of mine that I control the price of: THE GHOST OF MADISON AVENUE. For March 18th and March 19th, it's free.

THE GHOST OF MADISON AVENUE is set in 1912 New York, and tells the story of a young Irish American widow who eagerly takes a job at J. P. Morgan's private library. She soon discovers it is a place like no other, with its secret staircases, magical manuscripts, and mysterious murals. But that’s nothing compared to a person Helen alone sees: a young woman standing on Madison Avenue, looking as if she were keeping watch. In learning the woman’s true link to the Morgan, Helen must face the pain of her own past. She finds herself with a second chance at happiness—if she has the courage.

Download the free ebook here:

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