Thursday, May 10, 2012

Telling a Book By Its Cover

I love the cover of The Crown.

Its artistry, its mood of eerie Renaissance beauty, go a long way toward conveying what my novel is about.

A writer for Barnes&Noble's blog, Unabashaedly Bookish, contacted me to find out how The Crown's cover was created. Here is the interview. As I told Melissa Walker: "In my book, 'crown' has many meanings. It is literal—a crown is a driving force of the thriller plot. But also drama springs from my character’s feelings of fear and distrust for the man who wears the monarch’s crown: Henry VIII. Crowns come up in other ways too, in the theme and in the religious symbolism that becomes very important. So I feel that the cover of my book ties everything together in a smart and very beautiful way."

To read the entire interview, and to "meet" the Touchstone Books designers who created this beauty, go to:

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